4 Success Qualities To Instill In Your Child

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I believe that there are Four Qualities that lead to a successful life for your child – Positive Attitude, Confidence, Determination, and Toughness or Resilience.

A child with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE will wake up each morning optimistic that there will be more positive than not so positive things happening that day.  A Positive Attitude means everything in terms of responding to all life situations.  Charles Swindol said, “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we respond” and a healthy response is based upon a Positive Attitude.

A child needs CONFIDENCE in their God-given talents and gifts.  A child with solid confidence will give a good, consistent effort every day with their God-given abilities because they believe in themselves.

A child benefits from a DETERMINED spirit to never give up!!!  The great Winston Churchill said his philosophy of life was to “Never, Never, Never Give Up!!!” Determination provides the internal motivation to always be a finisher in achieving goals and dreams.

Finally, a child with TOUGHNESS or resilience will always bounce back from setbacks.  Life has ups but there will also be downs and a child must learn to be tough and resilient after being knocked down.  Hence, a child actually benefits from experiencing bumps and bruises in order to develop toughness.

For a child:  Example is not the best teacher, EXAMPLE IS THE ONLY TEACHER!  So ESSENTIAL ATTITUDES ARE CAUGHT from a parent more than taught by a parent!

Next Wednesday, October 3, I will blog post the 4 Christian Qualities To Instill In Your Child.

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