Every Spouse Has Numerous Choices!

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 Unfortunately, in marriage counseling I have heard thousands of disappointing comments like:  “I simply forget to regularly give meaningful hugs and kisses”; “I just can’t ever forgive”; “When I am upset I have to yell”; “Right now, I just don’t have time for our marriage”; “I know our marriage would benefit but I won’t do _____.” All of those sad comments are both excuses and choices.

Many things in both life and a marriage are beyond one’s control.  However, what is definitely within our control are our personal choices!  We can absolutely choose what we do and say in order to make a difference in the lives of others as well as all our relationships.

Choices build up or tear down a marriage.  Hence, a marriage can be changed and improved simply by making healthy choices, not excuses! And when both spouses strive to make positive choices, then a happy, satisfying marriage is usually the outcome.

TODAY:  Make positive, encouraging choices with your spouse (if married), family members, and friends.

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